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Men's Daily Grooming Routines - 5 Tips

Covering hair, brows, skin, shaving, and nails, the below post is directed towards and inspired by encounters with the stereotypical heterosexual male. There will be more diverse posts for all in the near future. I still believe tip #3 can be useful to all males and maybe everyone will get a kick or a half smile out of reading these tips. In the meantime, for those of you men that wear makeup, whether it be on a regular basis or just once in a while, please do yourself a favor and purchase RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes. These are the best makeup wipes you will find and you can also wipe your face down for moisture and pure enjoyment when there's no makeup. The coconut oil is special and will change your life. Read more and purchase here:

Tip #1: Less is More

Starting from the top and working down, hair. Too many hair products aren't something most men want to deal with anyway, so great news, don't! Girls want to run their hands through that hair without having to navigate through the land of glue where they could lose a finger forever. Additionally, the clash of multiple products’ scents can really be a gamble. Too many things going on in the scent department can alarm co-workers, neighbors, even your pet. Settle on a cut and style with your hairdresser that is low maintenance and talk to them about one (1) product. If you use a blow dryer, a heat protectant and styling product is acceptable, but you are really pushing it. Try to never take longer than your sister, girlfriend or mom when it comes to the hair department. If you continue to take longer, find a new style with lower maintenance.

Product Links:

Hair products (still recommend you talk to your stylist or barber)

Tip #2: Eyebrows not Eyebros

Over-manicured brows are not a good look. It's against my personal beauty code and the bigger problem is you will look like you are trying way to hard. That being said, as you age, those wiry, grey long looking brow hairs have to get out some how otherwise they will start to take over your handsome face. You have my full permission to pull them out yourself and compete with your buddies to see who had the grossest. The only rule is the hair can no longer be attached to your body for it to count in this competition. Uni-brows don't look good when you shave them and the space between your brows is the exact distance of a bic razor. Instead, just take a pair of tweezers and thin out the area. You can also get waxed by your barber or hairdresser, but you run the risk of an over-manicured look if they go to far. I like the thinning out because you can take a little bit at a time without going overboard. Ask a pal or girlfriend to help you. It's not that painful either, so stop being a baby.

Tip #3: Always Win with Good Skin

You are a man so all you have is your skin and if you have flaws, chances are you aren't comfortable covering it up with concealer. Assuming you have combination skin, which means oily in the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry to normal everywhere else, here is a skin care regime I recommend you try. This routine should be executed once a day. You get to chose mornings or evenings, whatever works better for you. If you want to do both, once in morning and once in evening, you have to make one change noted below. Okay here are my four (4) basic skincare tips:

1) Wash your face - you can use any face wash or antibacterial hand soap, just don't use something really abrasive that will tear your skin up or one that will put harsh drying chemicals on it.

2) Wipe face down with cotton ball and mixture - to make mixture take an empty water bottle and fill it with 3/4 distilled water and 1/4 apple cider vinegar then give it a good shake. You can keep this in the fridge for a nice cooling effect in the summers. Note: If doing 2x a day, one of the times should be witch hazel or just plain water on the cotton ball.

3) Moisturize - If it's morning, use a sunscreen for the face. If it's night, use any moisturizer you like, but preferably one that goes well with the smells of your hair products

4) ChapStick – or any other brand your lips respond well to to avoid chapped city.

Product Links:

Face Washes

Mixture (Toners)



Tip #4: Behave the Shave

If you keep facial hair, keep it clean and evenly trimmed. When you shower, really wash in there. I think some guys get confused if they should treat that area like hair or their face. The answer: your face! So take the time to get to the face thats underneath it all. The skin under that hair is so sad you have been using dandruff shampoo on it for years. Now it's time to make things right. Give it a good scrub with your face wash next time you are washing your face and get in there with your fingertips. Argon oil and castor oil are great to use on the beard hair just after the shower. Castor oil will soften the skin underneath beard too. There are several products out there as well that help shape and tame facial hair. Look online or ask your barber for recommendations. Not a facial hair guy, but you are prone to ingrown hairs after shaving? Put alcohol-free witch hazel on a cotton ball and pat or glide over face. This can help limit razor burn and as a bonus if you replace your aftershave with witch hazel, you have one less smell to compete with so you may even earn yourself another hair product, buddy! Body hair: please don't shave your chest hair. If you want it off, make an appointment at your local wax or sugaring salon. While making love, it doesn't feel ideal to girls to have your stubbly sandpaper chest rubbing up and down creating sparks. Please grow it out or remove it properly. You are allowed to be a baby about this pain, but remember that it's your choice, so don't complain to any women. All the same mentioned for chest hair applies to the undercarriage regions. Trimming is also an alternative for both areas, but don't trim so short it feels like stubble.

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Tip #5 Male Nails Always keep your fingernails and toenails trim and clean. If you do nothing else on this list of tips, please promise me you will at least make time for this one. No one should be able to see white growth over the nail bed. If you can see it, the nails are too long. Same rules able for fingers and toes. If there is dirt under the nails, please don't put those fingers in or even around private places until after you've given them a good scrub. It will save many gals from infections and discomfort. You may see an increase in interest from the ladies because you've decided to keep your nails trim and clean. We notice, okay. We always notice everything, but especially if a 30+ year old man has his life together enough to keep his friggin' hands clean.

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