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Happy isn't always as complicated as we make it sometimes. Think about the simple things that put a smile on your face or a skip in your step. Happy can be the things we don't dread doing as well. This blog is dedicated to the simple things and what I've found useful in health and beauty tips. Never forgetting happiness is always all around me creates an inner glow that no amount of highlighter or shimmer brick compact can duplicate. Today, think about the simple things that make you happy and let your inner glow start shinning. Watch how contagious your happiness becomes. To help motivate you and as a start to an introduction to me, here is a short list of some of the simple things that make my face happy: Sunshine, dogs, a good manicure, witnessing kindness, kisses, chubby babies, small cacti in cute votives, a really hard laugh with an old friend, learning something new, a good moisturizing treatment, a great hair day.

If just thinking about things isn't enough of a challenge for you, do a list from A-Z listing things in your life that make you happy. Start with A and go through Z. Feel free to post those lists below, I'd love to read them. #happyfacebyhh

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